A kaleidoscope of colours changing with the seasons. Smells of orchards mixed with woodland trees. The genuine flavours of carefully prepared good food. Rugged but generous land, ideal for going for walks. The sound of the wind whistling down the valleys. An experience for all the senses.

Home Warmth


The spacious living-room and kitchen in the Del Sole Apartment is organised round a tastefully decorated earthenware stove. Designed as a common living space but also respectful of the need for privacy, the apartment is laid out on two floors, including the characteristic wooden loft.

Independent Entrances


The independent entrance of the Della Bella Vista Apartment on the first floor and the mansard. The name “beautiful view” could not be more appropriate: the four carefully oriented windows provide a breathtaking panoramic view of the scenery for over 180°.

A sun-blessed balcony


On the large balcony of a bedroom in the Del Sole Apartment you can sunbathe while enjoying the total peace and quiet in what the Treccani Encyclopaedia describes as “the healthiest of climates”. Here, at 539 metres above sea level, you can still feel all the natural rhythms of the seasons, just as in the past.

Common areas


The ground­floor hall (it regularly hosts exhibitions of painting, photography or sculpture) leads to a spacious room with the welcoming atmosphere of an old­style kitchen. Meals can be enjoyed on the large table in front of the magnificent fireplace, reconstructed according to the original design. Outside, the verandah offers stunning views of the Sibillini Mountains.

Care over details


Old copper utensils in the beautiful farmhouse kitchen, a detail telling of the whole. Each item of furniture has been chosen with passionate care and competence: from the wardrobes to the cupboards, beds, original vintage lamps and light fittings, such as the wrought-iron outdoor lanterns.

The environs


Sarnano and the Piccoli Sibillini seen from Le borette. Besides having lots of cultural and artistic attractions, this area is also renowned for its spas, while in winter you can go cross-country skiing (in the nearby plains of Ragnolo and Pintura) or for long walks on snowshoes.

A beautiful pool and not only…


A short distance from the cottage, beyond some old oak trees, a beautiful pool that recalls the old water hole that existed in the past. A hundred meters in a grove of poplars a bowls court and a volleyball court but also for soccer, and more, through the woods of the property, a natural sporting course with ten stations equipped to do gymnastics.

Organic farming


Le borette has a vineyard and, besides wine, organically produces chickpeas, lentils, a rare pea variety (roveja), maize and various beans (cinerino, monachello, and borlotto nano della regina). The orchard features the typical lovely pink apple of the Marche, while tasty seasonal vegetables are grown in the kitchen garden.

Genuine tastes


The farm provide guests with the opportunity to “go shopping” with all the advantages of “0 km food”! You can experience fragrances, tastes and sensations lost in modern city life and enjoy discovering wholesome products grown naturally.

Age-old traditions


In the Sibillini National Park sheep farming is still the lively characteristic main activity in the local rural economy. The hardy mixed-breed Apennine sheep provide excellent milk for cheese with a delightful fragrance and flavour.

The yard barbecue


All around, over four hectares of wood and Mediterranean scrub with typical foothill vegetation including majestic oaks, elms, maples, hornbeams, rowans and flowering ashes. This is the marvellous lush backdrop for the old paved farmyard with a large barbecue, ideal for convivial evenings.

Agriturismi: Le Borette, Sarnano


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